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Keeping the accounts of a building is more than collecting and paying bills

A healthy financial situation

Everyone has their own tasks

Always with the aim of separating tasks and maximizing follow-ups, our accounting department is made up of several sub-departments :

  • Entering and scanning documents, checks, invoices received
  • Accounts payable management
  • Management of condominium fees
  • Control of accounts and financial statements

Digitize and associate

At Ges-Mar Inc all documents are scanned and associated with the account. Each invoice is scanned and archived upon receipt. If we need to search, it's all in our software.

A manager approves the invoices, the issuance of the check is subject to the approval of a second person before the issuance of the check (or any other electronic payment method).

The administrators thus have all the information to proceed with the signature. The syndicate archives are flawless since all documents are digitized. The originals can remain at our offices or be filed in the building according to the wishes of the board and the auditor.

In the weekly report, in addition to the operations, you will find the list of checks issued, the condo fee statements.

Budgets, financial  statements,...

Our financial controller ensures that all accounting steps are respected on time and meet the highest industry standards :

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Annual financial statements and quarterly preparation of interim financial statements
  • Establishment of an operating budget and contingency funds
  • Assist the auditor
  • Control of expenditure against established budget

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